Dividend distrbuted into the accounts in 2014: “MTSKH” JSC /2012/ - 3.59 tug, "UB hotel" JSC /2012/ - 300 tug, "Hermes center" JSC /2012/ - 5.23 tug, “Tavan Tolgoi” JSC /2012/ - 135.9 tug, “Takhiko” JSC /2013/ - 65 tug, “Aduunchuluun” JSC /2013/ - 75 tug, “Atar Urguu” JSC /2013/ - 270 tug, “Mogoin Gol” JSC /2013/ - 4.5 tug, “Gan Khiits” JSC /2013/ - 90 tug, “APU” JSC /2013/ - 81 tug, ” UB Hotel” JSC /2013/ - 297 tug, "Hermes center" JSC /2013/ - 5.5 tug, “Bayangol Hotel” JSC /2013/ - 319.5 tug, “Gobi” JSC /2013/ - 117 tug


Regulation regarding the prevention of the securities market abuse has been approved

Regulation regarding the “Prevention of the securities market abuse” has been approved by the FRC meeting dated on the 25th of March, 2015.

Along with the approval of the Regulation, FRC shall be possible to precisely regulate the prohibition of the activities of participation in the trade using the insider information and market abuse which are reflected in the 78th and 80th provisions of the Securities market law as well as the shares and securities prices shall be based on the liberal, fair demand and supply.

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Theoretical and practical conference to be held

“Shareholders’ meeting and rights” theoretical and practical conference is to be jointly held by the National committee on Company governance, FRC, International Financial Corporation, “MSE” JSC at 09.30-13.00 PM on the 27th of March, 2015 in Conference hall, 3rd floor, Blue Sky Hotel.

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Manual for the Securities market and Agricultural stock exchange has been published

Within the framework of improving the knowledge of the investors and citizens, FRC has published a manual for the Securities market and Agricultural Stock Exchange. The purpose of the manual is to give information about securities market, participants, how it is regulated and where to approach if you would like to invest.

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To cooperate with Japan for the development of the capital market

Delegates from the FRC and Central Bank lead by Mrs Z.Narantuya, Chairman of FRC have visited Japan during the 17-19th of this month. The delegates have visited Financial Services Agency, JAICA, Japan Exchange Group, JASDEC, Japan Securities Clearing Corporation and have discussed certain issues regarding the expansion of the financial sector cooperation of the two countries, especially to introduce… Continue reading

Resolution of the Financial Regulatory Commission

CLICK HERE to view the FRC Resolution №127 dated on the 11 of March, 2015 regarding the implementation of the provision 57.1 of the Company law and approval of the proposal to buy the shares from the major shareholder holding of the “Khungun beton” JSC.

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