Dividend of the year 2013: Aduunchuluun Co., Ltd /2011/ - 40 tug, Aduunchuluun Co., Ltd /2012/ - 70 tug, Hermes Center Co., Ltd /2012/ - 4.57 tug, Tahi- ko Co., Ltd /2012/ - 56 tug, Atar Urgoo Co., Ltd /2012/ - 9500 tug, Tulga Co., Ltd /2012/ - 60 tug, Khar tarvagatai Co., Ltd /2010/ - 56.4 tug, Khar tarvagatai Co., Ltd /2011/ - 55.18 tug, APU Co., Ltd /2012/ - 70 tug, Ub buuk Co., Ltd /2012/ 137 tug, Shariin gol Co., Ltd /2012/ - 45 tug, Olloo Co., Ltd /2012/ - 6 tug, Remicon Co., Ltd /2012/ - 1.27 tug, Eermel Co., Ltd /2012/ - 52.87 tug


A second license to provide custodian services has been granted

According to the revised Securities market law, approved on the 1st of January, 2014, the securities registration is regulated in two ways; central and segregated registration. In the securities market, the centralized securities register shall be maintained by a legal entity having a license to act as a centralized securities depository. Whereas, a legal entity licensed to maintain a segregated securities register must be a member of the centralized securities depository or in this case, a custodian.

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The role of FRC is to monitor and implement the regulations regarding financial operations and services; ensure the stability of financial market; protect the rights and interests of clients and investors in the territory of Mongolia.

In recent times, in order to increase their capital, there has been an increasing public tendency to transfer or invest in FOREX or international financial trade operations via companies or individuals. This market is highly sensitive towards global political, economical and social factors that may cause financial risk and the intermediaries of the sector are thoroughly specialized professionals. Therefore, it sheds a high financial risk for the new participants with lack of information and experience.

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FRC Resolution

Meeting held by the FRC on the 17th of September 2014 has revoked the license to operate business in the securities market for the following enterprises. Including:

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Information concerning the intermediary activities to sell and purchase securities on a foreign securities market

Since 1st of January, 2014 a renewed version of the Securities market law has been implemented and accordingly all participants of the securities market are to operate in line with the new legal framework.

36.16 of the law provisions that “Intermediary activities relating to selling and purchasing securities on a foreign securities market shall be carried out with the FRC’s approval and the FRC shall issue regulations concerning the same.” In order to facilitate this provision, FRC has incorporated an amendment to the Resolution №198 of 6th of June, 2014, “Directive to run regulated operations in the securities market”.

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“Bayangol Hotel” Co.Ltd has deposited its 2013 dividends to its shareholders’ accounts

“Bayangol Hotel” Co.Ltd has distributed its 2013 dividend’s of per share valued at 319.5 MNT. On the 8th of September, 2014 it has deposited to its 1,056 shareholders’ accounts.

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